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Best Operating System For Computer Server

Operating System For Server Computer - Hello bro, for you who are nyari article about operating system for server computer here is provided complete. In general, server computers are computers that provide resources to client computers or computers underneath. For more details please read the article below.
Operating System For Computer Server

Before discussing more in depth about Server Operating System you need to know in advance about Operating system. Because the operating system is the basis that we will discuss in this article.
Operating system?
The operating system is the basic software on a computer that manages various hardware component resources, so that every hardware is able to work well together. Can also operating system called liaison between hardware and software.

So each computer must have an operating system, otherwise the computer can only boot it. Booting is a condition where the computer was first turned on and running the BIOS program.

Various kinds of operating systems, including:
  1. Windows (Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.)
  2. Mac (Mac OS Lion, etc.)
  3. Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, etc)
  4. Unix
  5. And others.

That's a little general discussion about the Operating System, For more details there is in the next article.

After understanding about the operating system, then we must also understand Computer Server, and after that we will discuss Operating System For Server Computer.
Server Computer?
The server computer is a computer that has the function to provide resource services to the Client computer or the computer below it. The resources provided can be Data, Memory, Program, and many others.

On the server computer in terms of hardware certainly must have a high specification or higher than the client computer. That's what causes the server computer to have an expensive price.

Types of server computers, including:
  1. Web Server
  2. Virtual Server
  3. Application Server
  4. Database Server
  5. FTP Server
  6. File Server
  7. Game Server
  8. Network Server
  9. Sever Name
  10. Mail Server
  11. Chat Server
  12. Proxy Server
  13. Print Server

That's some general introduction about server computers, for more details and details please see the next article.

I hope you understand from the above basic discussion, about Operating System and Server Computer. We go on to the core matter

Operating System For Computer Server
  • Microsoft Windows
    Microsoft is one of the largest and most widely used operating system companies today. The famous operating system product is Windows.
    The following is the windows operating system for the server computer:

  1. Microsoft Computer Server Operating System
  2. Windows NT
  3. Windows 2000 Server
  4. Windows Server 2003
  5. Windows Server 2008
  6. Windows Server 2012
  7. Windows Server 2016
  8. Windows Small Business Server
  9. Windows Essential Business Server
  10. Windows Home Server

  • Novell Netware
    Novell Netware is an operating system created by Novell and uses a multitasking corporativ system on a server computer.
  • Macintosh
    Macintosh is an operating system made by Apple, and it is made for Apple's own computers. Macintosh is also capable of providing operating systems for reliable server computers, whether for printer sharing, file sharing, workgroup management, remote server updates and more.
  • Linux
    Linux is an Open Source or free operating system that has very reliable if used on a server computer. For that reason Linix became the best operating system and most used for server computers. The advantages of linux operating system diantarnya is able to survive long without the need to reboot when used in time for days, Free, Safe from virus attacks, and others.

Linux Server Computer Operating System
  1. Ubuntu
  2. Debian
  3. OpenSUSE
  4. Fedora
  5. BackTrack
  6. Mandriva
  7. Slackware
  8. PCLinuxOS
  9. CentOS

That's our discussion about Operating System For Server Computer, Actually there are many more that we can discuss for the material server computer operating systems such as server hardware components, server computer troubleshooting, and others. Later hopefully can be discussed in the next article.
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