Selasa, 23 Januari 2018

Benefits of Private Blog Network Website (PBN) For SEO

What is PBN (Private Blog Network) ..? What are the Benefits of PBN Use for SEO ..? Here's the SEO mindset. Also about PBN .... Google wants websites that are on page 1 is a quality website that is really liked by the user and recommended by users either through social media, forums, web / blog personal or others. Recommendation / vote / share user that we know as backlink or link / link back to our website.

PBN Network

Recommendation / vote user / backlinks are also used as a reference Google (in addition to web content) in placing websites to be at page one. Although simple as that Google gives different values ​​for each Recommendation / vote / share made by user based on algorithm, ranging from the quality of users who provide Recommendations / vote / share, content / articles, type of links and others. that's why we learn SEO that discusses all that. Google launched the name of natural link and un natural link, and the desired Google is a natural link.

Then what is the natural link like? of course the natural link is a link originating from the Recommendation / vote / share user that is actually done by the user not by the owner of the website itself.

Well, what we are doing now is is manipulating Google search engine that as if our website is recommended / in vote / share by user through social media, forum, web / blog or others while it is done by us as website owner own. So of course the process of link building or recommend / vote / share own website with the aim of getting a good ranking is the process of manipulation and do not be surprised if Google knows will drop the position of our website someday. That's why we learn SEO so that our manipulation process looks natural, long survive the process, liked by Google and look natural. If you already know mindset like this should kia know which links are safe or not for our blog.

Then whether a backlink like this is safe whether such backlinks are safe ..? Well means you do not understand SEO completely, because you should be able to find out for yourself. Example link:

Do we never think that article directories like are similar to a blog network where almost every post contains an outbound link? Although almost every post has an outbound link but and the outbound link destination website remain secure? That's because the content / articles presented there are qualified and useful to the user. So there's no reason for Google robots to penalize websites / PBNs that have quality content and benefit the user (Unless manual penalty or Google robot is error).

Or an example if you have 3 PBNs each have 10 quality articles in it and is useful for users and every article has a good link out to our website or web authority, will PBN like this will be given penalty by Google robot? I guess of course not, because what? Because there is no reason for Google robots to penalize websites / PBNs that have quality and useful content for users. That's what the penalty manual does. Viewed by Google workers themselves whether the blog was created to manipulate the search results of a particular blog or not, breaking or not and anything else.

For PBN this robot Google sometimes difficult to conclude whether it is a PBN or not, so do the penalty manual. Why do Google robots sometimes have trouble detecting PBNs? Try reading the above sentence again. Then what kind of PBN is unsafe and easy to find by google robots?

  1. PBNs that do not have quality content and are not beneficial to users
  2. The PBN in all its posts uses spun content
  3. Have a little article / 2-10 articles but the number of outgoing links a lot.
  4. All outbound links to websites that have lower quality than the PBN
  5. Most Posts on this PBN have no photo or video
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