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10 Best Photo Editor Apps on Android Free

The world of technology makes it all easy especially in the case of Editor, among which there are editors Photos, Video Editor, Other Editor, and we will discuss is not how to edit photos, but 10 List of the Best Photo Editor Apps in Android Dotekno Version
No need to bother using photoshop to edit your photos, just use the android photo editing application that can change everything quickly.

Lots of the best photo editing apps on the playstore.
Friend would be hard to choose.
But do not worry .... !!!!
To make it easy for my friend to choose, I recommend 11 best and coolest photo editing apps I've tried before.
You can easily edit the photos as you please my friend directly from android you use.
Best And Most Expensive Android Photo Editing App
Pixlr aplikasi edit foto
Pixlr is a very popular android photo editing app and one that I really like.
Autodesk as a developer who has a big name in graphic design gives a cool touch on this android photo editing app.
There are many editing options that you can try, such as, eliminating red-eye, whiten teeth, auto fix with one click and many cool filters that can be used.
And of course Pixlr is also equipped with basic photo editing tools such as corp and autoplay,Download this app and feel the sensation. Editing photos will be more fun than ever.
Photo editor by befunky
No less interesting with Pixlr, the best android photo editing application will provide ease in the edit-editing business, This photo editor is very simple, but in its simplicity it has dozens of effects and editing tools including filters, frames and even many stickers in this photo editing app.
With so many features you can edit many photos and make the photos look cool as you want.
Cuplice aplikasi edit fotoCuplice photo editing app, Cupslice is one of the android photo editing app that is the talk of social media. There are many things that make this application much liked, one of them is simple and minimalist that will not burdens android pal. There are over 50 effects and 400 stickers that make photo editing even more fun.
This application is very good, simple and certainly in accordance with the needs of many people.
Cymera aplikasi edit fotoWell, this is an android photo editing app that's been on my smartphone from a few months ago.
What I like is that we can use cymera not only for editing but also for taking photos directly from within the app.
Amazingly, Cymera has seven different lenses and four recording modes that will make it easier in taking photos.
There are over twenty filters, decorations, portrait features, and make-up effects available.
Photos that we have edited can we directly share to other cymera users or can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
Cymera is free, but ..... there are some ads in it that are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Fotor Photo Editor
Fotor aplikasi edit fotoFotor is an applicable android photo editing app and does not manipulate the original photo.
Unlike other photo editing apps, Fotor has its own camera app that can help us adjust certain effects so that something we photograph will look more beautiful.
We can add filters and effects as much as we want. The presence of effects packages such as 'Cinematic and Mono' will allow you to create amazing, authentic photos with unparalleled ease and effectiveness.
All these cool things are combined in a clean and intuitive interface that helps to make it easy for us to edit photos.
Photo labPhoto Lab is a photo editing app that has a very complete feature. If my friend likes frames in photos, this app is perfect for my friend.
There are more than 500 frames you can use for editing your photos.
There's more cool than that.
Photo Lab has a myriad of backgrounds, photo filters, collage features, even more popular features that can change the face image, such as a photograph in a giant photo made, or so his picture sparrow jack.
Cool, right?
This android photo editing app is free on Google play, so just download it if you want to try.
Picsart aplikasi edit fotoThe main focus of this android photo editing app is on the collage feature.
However, picsart is also equipped with photo editing tools such as filters, stickers, frames and some rare features such as artistic paint brushes and layers.
If my friend likes to make photo collage download this best photo editing app right now.
But if you are looking for something more than that, you should try other photo editing apps.
Picsay aplikasi edit foto This android photo editing app is downloaded over ten million downloads. It's pretty amazing is not it? That means PicSay photo editor is one of the most popular apps in Google play. With so many features owned like a funny sticker, cool effects will make my friend addicted in photo editing. This app is free, but unfortunately the free version only provides some stickers and effects only. To get full access of course my friend must buy a paid version.
Rage Face Photo
Rage Face is very different from other photo editing applications android. What's different? If all photo editing apps android provide all the things that can make the photo more beautiful, Rage Face will even make our face so messy.
How did it happen?
Rage aplikasi edit foto 
Because this application is dedicated to make our faces become funny. With more than 300 faces of memes and text editor features will make our photos look like comic strips are funny and cool.
This app does not have features owned by other best photo editing apps, but Rage face is the funniest app that is in the list of 10 android photo editing app.

If my friend is looking for an app to beautify photos do not download this app, but if you want a fun photo editing app and can make a friend laugh, Rage Face is the solution.
Snapseed aplikasi edit fotoAre you a Google fan?
And just want to use the app from Google?
I recommend using Snapseed as your android photo editing app.
This android photo editing app is much cooler than the photo editing apps owned by Google plus.
With this android photo editing app you will have controls and capabilities like professional photo editing.
There are many additional features that will facilitate us in the process of editing like automatic adjustment, so everything is set automatically to make the photo look more cool without having to bother us.
This android photo editing app is great fun and probably the coolest for fans of Google apps.
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