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4 Best Free Dollar and Bitcoin Android Producing Apps

Free Android Bitcoin Producer Application ~ There are many roads to Rome, so the proverb expresses the advice that there is so much opportunity in this world, and we do not have to worry if we fail in a way. No exception by getting bitcoin, there are many ways or ways to get free bitcoins, we do not have to dwell on one way to get that free bitcoin that's all.

Free Bitcoin

One alternative way to get the other free bitcoin is the application android bitcoin-producing free, yapp is really only with capitalize an android app you can get bitcoin for free. Indeed there are still many who doubt the application android bitcoin producer but in writing this time I will only share the best bitcoin-producing android app that I have made sure is not a fraud or scam application.

Free Android Bitcoin Producer app

1. GrabPoint

Grabpoint Applicationgrabpoint of bitcoin-generating application

Android application named grabpoin able to give you Bitcoin free without the need for bother because you just download the application and work on the task then bitcoin free as much as 0.01 BTC will go to your bitcoin wallet address

In the grabpoint there is a sisitem point where if you manage to do a task given in the application then you will get some point, well from point you can kumpuilkan to be many and the point later if the amount is enough then can be exchanged with Bitcoin

How to get free bitcoins from GrabPoint android apps
  1. First you have to do is download and install grabpoint application in google play store
  2. Open the grabpoint application then list using your google plus account or your facebook account
  3. After that there will be a column to enter the refferal code, just enter this code: WUW5W8
  4. then you will get an additional 500 points or about 0.5 dollars
  5. It's time you start collecting points in grabpoint in a way like downloading applications, surveys and other tasks
How to Get a lot of points in Grabpoint

Getting a lot of points in grabpoint is very easy as long as you want to diasaikan many tasks such as task survey, download the application, watch a video or open a website.

In addition to the above was the easiest and most generous way in grabpoint that is by refer friend or invite friends to join to use grabpoint, not the responsibility of the gift given is very large that is 100 - 500 points per friend you invite to join using grabpoint

Redemption Point Grabpoint with Bitcoin

Once the point you collect at grabpoint is up to 6000 points then it's time you redeemed it with Bitcoin
  1. Open the reward menu and select bitcoin reward then select the nominal bitcoin to be redeemed
  2. Click confirm.
  3. Then Enter your bitcoin address, then within a few hours then bitcoin of 0.01 will go into your wallet

Joy reward moneymaker and bitcoin
This application is a free bitcoin android application for 10 $ or equivalent 0.02 BTC. in this application is also applied point system where if already done a task then you will be given point as a reward or wage

How to Get Free Bitcoin from Joy Rewards

  1. Download the joy rewards app on google play store then install to finish
  2. Open joy reward app then click sig up with facebook or sign up with google +, choose one only
  3. Do not forget to enter refferal code: 3177452
  4. After finished registration joy reward account it's time now you start doing the task given by joy reward

How to get lots of points in joy rewards

Actually this is the same as the application of free bitcoin producer like above where if you want to get a lot of points then you have to do or do as many tasks to the point also entered with as many

And the second way is to take advantage of your refferal code, where if there is a friend who successfully invited to join the joy reward using your refferal code then after the friend has 400point then you will get additional 200 points for free

Redemption point to bitcoin in joy rewards application

For exchange of bitcoin worth USD $ 10 or equivalent 0.015 BTC current rate you need at least 8000 joy reward point by opening the Rewards menu in Joy reward application


Cash Pirates
moneymaking app on android
The fourth application is the application of android-producing bitcoin for the fastest payout, because you we only need 5000 cashpirates coin to redeem to bitcoin.

Of course with the nominal you easily and quickly exchange coin obtained from cashpirate into bitcoin

How to register cashpirates
  1. download and install cashpirates application via this link or in googleplay store
  2. open the cashpirates application then input your email and password then click sign or register
  3. enter referral code MFEOCY, so you get 500 coint or equivalent to 0.5 dollar that will be accumulated when you do suatau task in cash pirates
  4. after the registration is done when you perform tasks or jobs that are sent in the application such as download, install or survey to get coin cashpirates which later you can exchange with bitcoin
How to exchange coin cashpirates with bitcoin

After the amount of coin in cashpirates amounted to 5000 it's time you redeemed with bitcoin worth 0.5 $ dollar or 0.01BTC
  1. open the redeem coin menu in cashpirates then select bitcoin 5 $ then click set as goal
  2. go back to overview menu then click reddem bitcoin, input your bitcoin wallet address and wait a while then bitcoin will be sent to your wallet

Whaff Reward
 Whaff moneymaking app
Of the four Bitcoin-generating Applications available in this article, Whaff Rewards Application is my favorite app because Whaff Rewards is the most Bitcoin-generating app of any of the above three apps
Although I put it at the bottom of the list, it does not mean the application is not good. But because I want to get where you try to keep reading this article and as a gift I will present the best Bitcoin Android Application ever created named WHAFF REWARDS

How to register and how to use whaff rewards, you can look at the tutorial below!

How to Apply at Whaff Reward
  1. First Download Application android free bitcoin producer named WHAFF REWARDS in google play store or click this link, then install to finish
  2. After finished installing, open the whaff reward application and click the Login button with facebook in the top right corner, then login or login with your facebook account, then click OK
  3. whaff login
  4. after that will appear menu enter the code, just enter the code: DQ69721 Because if not enter the code you will not get additional 0.3 $ dollar
  5. after you do the third step above then it's time you start collecting dollars in the application whaff rewards by opening the pick pick menu and premium then download and install the existing applications in the pick-pick.
You are only told to download or play a certain application where later after you download the application in the pick you will be given dollars that directly added to your whaff account balance

The rewards you get from installing an app vary from 0.1 $ to 1 $ or even more depending on the type of application you download and install.

Not only download and install or play the application alone, you can also get dollars in whaff reward by inviting friends and attendance check.

After your whaff account will accumulate at least 11 $ dollars then you can exchange the balance with Bitcoin

Quick way can be a lot of dollars in whaff

if you really intend to quickly collect it within 1 haripun you can collect $ 11 dollars provided you have a lot of friends or acquaintances who later you can invite to join in whaff, one friend you invite to join worth 0.3 $ dollar that means you need at least 36 friends for once payout 11 dollars in whaff reward
36 is a very small number especially if you have a lot or even thousands of friends in social media like facebook, instagram, twitter or something else. SHARE about application whaff and refferal code to your friends in social media then wait with casual dollar whaff will grow by itself according to many friends who successfully input your refferal code

How to Payout or Paying Whaff Rewards to Paypal

After your balance accumulated as much as 11 $ then it's time now you exchange it with paypal, by the way below
  1. Open the Payment menu in the whaff reward application
  2. Choose Bitcoin payment, Enter your Bitcoin wallet address or you can scan through QR Code provided
  3. Enter your email address then click Request
  4. The amount of Bitcoin shipped according to the applicable Bitcoin price at the time of exchange
  5. Within 1 to no later than 3 days your Bitcoin prize will arrive at your Bitcoin wallet
You can try all the applications above in one Smatphone Android to maximize the acquisition of Bitcoin.
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