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5 Best Antivirus Applications For Android

5 Best Antivirus Applications For Android - Many people are less confident with the use of antivirus for Android devices that he has.

Some of them assume that the use of antivirus on Android is not important. Some feel antivirus does not provide a significant impact for the phone. Others feel more confident and calm if an antivirus is installed on their Android phone.
5 Best Antivirus Applications For Android

The pros and cons surrounding the use of antivirus applications on Android is continuing as the thickness of defense Android in the latest versions.

But if you decide to want to use an antivirus app on your Android phone, you might want to try using at least one of the top 5 best antivirus for Android below:
5 Best Antivirus Applications For Android

1. AVG Android Antivirus

aplikasi antivirus terbaik untuk Android - AVG
AVG Android Antivirus is touted as one of the best antivirus applications for Android. Indeed, AVG is an old player in terms of antivirus and anti-malware on computer devices.
With the big name, it turns out AVG Android Antivirus also popular in the Play Store with hundreds of million times download.
In addition to offering free anti-malware-free products, AVG Android Antivirus also handles anti-theft which allows you to track your Android phone's presence anytime if lost / stolen.
Other features offered also include data usage monitor, latest battery power capacity, memory capacity, and more.
Paid / paid subscriptions provide more features including: specific application-specific locking, message and phone blocking, app backup and removal of ads from the app.

2. Avast Mobile Security

aplikasi antivirus terbaik untuk Android - Avast
Just like AVG, Avast is also one of the old and popular players in the security device industry. Previously, Avast Mobile Security provides two packages of applications namely Free and Paid.
But now you can enjoy the best antivirus app for Android for free completely.
Real-time protection offered by this application is quite promising. In addition you are given anti-malware features, virus scanner, and also trojan removal.
Specific application locking as offered by AVG Android Antivirus is also offered, following Wifi vulnerability scanner and call blocking.

3. Kaspersky Internet Security

aplikasi antivirus terbaik untuk Android - Kaspersky
Again, big names are included in this list. The Kaspersky Internet Security developed by Kaspersky stands firmly in the ranks of the best antivirus applications for Android.
This application you can use for free, but for a more complete feature, available in-app purchase.
Kaspersky Internet Security also supports Android Wear.

4. CM Security

aplikasi antivirus terbaik untuk Android - CM Security
CM Security is a product made by Cheetah Mobile (CM), one of the popular developers that make a variety of applications that are also popular in the market.
Over 18 million downloads with a good reputation (4.7 rating rating), make it worth getting into this list of best antivirus apps for Android.
This app is mandatory for you to increase the security of your Android smartphone, let alone all the features offered in this app you can use for free completely.

5. 360 Security

aplikasi antivirus terbaik untuk Android - 360 Security
Reputation of this application as one of the best antivirus applications for Android is quite respected. With over 100 million downloads on the Play Store it has become one of the most popular Android antivirus apps among Android users.
In addition to providing high protection for your mobile phone, this app also allows you to clean up any junk files left in your phone.
Other important features like App Locking, Memory Booster to Battery Saver are also given to you free of charge. Interestingly, although it is provided free of charge, there are no ads in this app to make it comfortable to use.
and that's 5 Best Anti Virus Application for Android.
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