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Creating the Blog Title Header is in the middle

Creating Header The title of the blog is in the middle, For the world of BLOGger whose name is excess Template or theme of course common thing is related because the template is also because of its location error, here I will explain about making blog title or blog title is in the header on the left actually the location of the blog title that is on the left there is no change in the look of our blog Will not, not a few of fellow colleagues bloggers who want to position their blog title which is on the left to the center or center position. Therefore, I took the initiative to make a post about how to make the blog title in the middle. and The way I will make to highlight the title of this blog I got from Blogger Forum

this way has been widely used and 90% of bloggers succeed as they did not work maybe the first factor is still lay or the second is a template that has been locked or locked by the Template Maker.

Cara Memuat Header Judul Blog Berada di Tengah

How to Create Header Blog Title Being In The Middle:

  • First Login on first
  • Click the Design button and Edit HTML
  • Back Up first template buddy for just in case
  • Then search for a code like this:
.header-inner .Header .titlewrapper {
padding: 22px $(header.padding);
  • If you've found a code like that or similar like that, delete and replace with the code below:
#header-inner {text-align: center ;}
.header-inner .Header .titlewrapper {
padding: 22px $(header.padding);
  • Click Preview or Priview first to prevent the occurrence of Error, if successful just click save

If How To Make Header Blog Title Being in the middle of this successful buddy apply in your blog. Do not forget to leave messages through the comments field that is available. Please try.
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