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Here's the PC Gaming Specs Recommendation in the Year 2018

Modern PC games like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Destiny 2, PUBG (PlayerUnknown Battleground), FIFA 18, Outlast 2, PES 2018, Mass Effect Andromeda, Call of Duty: WWII, and others definitely require gaming gear or PC gaming best qualified. Especially for those of you who not only play games, but also live recording games and live streaming would need a computer with high specifications. That way the gameplay experience becomes more exciting and fun. If you play games on a PC that does not have adequate specifications, it is possible that the performance of the game becomes obstructed so that it will disturb the convenience. In this article, Techno Jempol will provide recommendations on gaming specifications aka PC gaming standard in 2018. Generally, modern PC games today have specification requirements that are not much different. Here's the full explanation

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Standard PC Gaming Specs 2018

CPU / Processor quad core

First, to play the latest PC games at least use a computer that has a CPU / Processor quad core. Processor with 4 cores currently is very sufficient to support the performance of modern PC games so as to produce a comfortable gameplay. Especially with the existence of Windows 10 and DirectX 12 to make the 4-core CPU more optimized.

The quad core processor is also good enough for multitasking multimedia activities such as playing games while live recording, live streaming, video conferencing, etc. This kind of activity would take advantage of CPU resources 4 cores or more. If necessary, you can use quad core processors that have multithreading or hyperthreading technologies that can handle many processes.

To note, the CPU or processor used at least produced 3 years / backward generation. Because, if using a legacy generation processor of course far behind the performance of the latest generation processor. Moreover, 3 rd generation processors are still found in the market so you can still buy them. Older generation processor would have been no longer produced so that in the market there are only used products. Examples of processors that fit the 2018 PC gaming specifications this time

  •     Intel Core Series (Haswell)
  1.         Core i5-4460, -4590, -4690, etc.
  2.         Core i7 * -4770, -4790, etc.
  •     Series AMD Athlon X4 (Kaveri), eg Athlon X4 840, 860K, etc.
  •     Series AMD FX (Vishera), eg FX-6300, -8310, -8320E, -8370, etc.
  •     Series AMD Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5

*) Intel Core i7 Haswell has 4 cores, but with Hyper Threading technology can execute 8 threads.

Graphics cards with GPU that already support DirectX 12

In order to get a good view of the game, you need a graphics card that has adequate GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) performance. An optimum performance VGA card is essential to run modern PC games. Nowadays most modern PC games focus more on the graphical display effect so it is very burdensome graphics device performance.

On the 2018 gaming PC specification recommendations this time at least requires a VGA Card that has supported DirectX 12. This is because modern PC games have started using the platform. However, many also encountered modern PC games that still use the DirectX 11 platform. In addition, the graphics card that you use at least have a 2GB VRAM to be able to handle a high enough display resolution.

Just like the processor, VGA Card is used at least with the GPU 3 years / generation backward. The reason for its performance is still quite adequate and can still be found in the market. Some examples of GPUs that conform to 2018 gaming PC specifications this time are
  • AMD Radeon seri 200, Example R7 265, R9 270
  • NVIDIA Geforce
    • Seri GTX 600, Example GTX 650 Ti, 660, 660 Ti,etc
    • Seri GTX 700, Example GTX 750 Ti, 760, 770,etc
For graphics cards that support DirectX 12 others, you can read in articles with titles

In the recommendation of this specification, Tekno Jempol does not recommend the use of IGP (Integrated Graphic Processing) or an integrated graph processor to play modern PC games. IGP is generally integrated in the processor chip. IGP must use VRAM by sharing (shared) with main memory (RAM) of maximum 2GB. Even so, it is not impossible that modern IGP also has a specification and performance that is not less good than the low-end GPU class.

IGP on modern processor is actually still able to run some of the latest PC games with quite comfortable even though the resulting display resolution is not too high. However, many PC games that "refuse" run on computers that only have IGP.
8GB DDR4 RAM memory

Furthermore, to support the performance of the optimal game, PC gaming specification this time recommend the use of RAM memory with a minimum capacity of 8GB. The capacity is already quite fit to handle the data of modern PC games are quite large.

The recommended RAM memory type at this specification is at least DDR4. DDR4 technology is still relatively new, but the product is quite a lot in the market. Tekno Jempol recommends using DDR4 as it offers better computer performance and efficiency than previous technologies (DDR3). But if your processor does not support DDR4, please use DDR3 RAM memory.
Use SSD!

For data storage needs, Tekno Jempol recommend the use of SSD (Solid State Drive). One of the advantages of SSD is the speed of data access is much faster than hard disk. Speed ​​of data access on the SSD certainly affects the performance of PC gaming including speed up the process of booting and loading game data.

Only, the price of SSD still feels a bit expensive than ordinary hard disk. At the same capacity, SSD prices can reach 3 times the price of hard disk. For that, maybe you can use a medium-capacity SSD like 120-250GB. Currently, there are three SSD models of SATA 2.5 ", PCI Express Card, and M.2 NVME. SSD with SATA 2.5" model can be an option because it is more affordable.

You can read the Tips to Extend SSD Age To Stay Durable And Stay Optimal for the performance of SSD in your PC gaming remain smooth.
Windows operating system 10 64-bit

If you look at the specs above, then the operating system that is suitable to run the standard gaming PC 2018 is the Windows operating system 10 64-bit. 64-bit OS will run optimally on the processor and modern graphics card and 4GB of RAM memory or more. In addition, the exclusive DirectX 12 platform is only available on Windows 10. Even so, there are still many modern PC games that use the DirectX 11 platform that can run on older Windows versions like Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1
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In addition to Windows, the operating system can be installed ie 64-bit Linux. This is thanks to the online game distributor application, Steam which also supports Linux platform. It's just that games for the Linux platform are not as many games for Windows OS

Other devices
  1. HD or Full HD monitor at least with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 to get the look of a comfortable game.
  2. DVD-ROM for operating system installation media, drivers, or gaming applications
  3. Internet connection either via LAN or Wifi. It is recommended to use high speed internet connection to further optimize gameplay especially on online game.
  4. Standard audio devices
  5. The keyboard and mouse are standard, but it would be better if using a mechanical keyboard and mouse gaming.
  6. Motherboard, case, and PSU (Power Supply Unit) live adjust the above components or platforms used.
If concluded, the specification of standard gaming PC 2018
  1.      CPU 4 core (recommended release 3 generations backward)
  2.      VGA Card that supports DirectX 12 (recommended release 3 generations backward)
  3.      8 GB DDR4 memory
  4.      SSD capacity of 120-250 GB
  5.      HD or Full HD monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  6.      Windows operating system 10 64-bit
The above PC specifications can not only be used for gaming needs, but also for mainstream needs (office, browsing, and media center) as well as workstations such as graphic design, video production, and content creation. Gaming computers with the above specifications are sure to run a variety of modern games including e-sports with low-to-medium end resolution maybe even up to high-end.

The above explanation can be a guide and recommendation for those of you who want to play games on PC or buy / replace new PC hardware. Please adjust the specification of PC gaming above with budget and requirement that you will use.

For those of you who want to try virtual reality-based PC games (VR), make sure your PC has the recommended VR platform. More on PC gaming for VR, you can read it in the article titled Here's Virtual Reality Gaming PC Specification (VR). For PCs that are used as a help tool on the job field of graphic design and multimedia editing can you read in the article with the title This is Specification PC Design and Editing Standard 2017.

Here are some examples of desktop and laptop computer products that have the same specifications / similar to the standard gaming PC specification above

Product PCSpesificationPrice*
Acer Aspire E5-553GAMD Quad Core FX-9800P, 15.6" LCD, 8GB, SSD 128GB + 1TB, DVDRW, AMD Radeon R8 M445, Camera, Wifi, DOS$ 607.37
Asus Vivobook Pro N580VD-FY001Intel Core i7-7700HQ, RAM 8GB DDR4, HDD 1TB + 128 SSD, nVidia Geforce GTX 1050 4G DDR5, 15.6" FHD, DOS$ 1062.72
Dell Inspiron 14 7460Intel Core i7 7500U, 8GB DDR4, 128GB SSD + 1TB, Non DVDRW, Nvidia GT940M 2GB, Bluetooth, Card Reader, Wifi, Camera, 14" FHD, Win 10$ 1055.34

*) prices are summarized from various sources.
Many computer users also prefer to assemble their own PC gaming instead of buying a built-up computer. The reason for wanting to get a computer with the maximum specifications in accordance with their budget and needs. Following Tekno Jempol will give examples of specifications of desktop PC gaming assemblies according to the above guidelines
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 3 1200$ 109.59
MotherboardASRock AB350M-HDV$ 82.29
Memori RAMPatrioy Viper 8GB Kit PC4-19200$ 83.03
SSDAdata SP550 240GB$ 72.03
Drive OptikAsus DVDRW$ 29.52
VGA CardXFX Radeon RX 560 2GB$ 109.22
CasingVenomRX Arsenal$ 20.89
PSUSuper Flower FX 450W 80+ Bronze$ 42.8

*)Examples of desktop or laptop computer products above may not include high end gaming PCs. But, certainly able to run the latest games with medium resolution. PC gaming price with the specifications above also deliberately Tekno Jempol select with cheap budget so that can be reached by many people. Gaming PC assembled with a budget of 7 millions is very reasonable to find in various computer stores.
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