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How To Make Articles Or Content That Likes SEO and Readers

in this article I will discuss about How to Make Arikel Or Content that is liked by SEO and Reader, why I made so because our article if only preferred seo will be empty of visitors and if only liked our visitors will not rise in the eyes of search engines, that I will discuss both, please refer to the following article.

Creating Content that is natural and Search Engine Optimized by the Robot

Most of your blog or website readers definitely do not want to read articles created for SEO purposes, they want to read interesting information from your blog. Like google search engine Bing and others also prefer the natural content dibandikan with content created for the purpose of SEO alone.

Konten SEO
Although you write in a natural way of course the article can still be optimized for search engine robots We Must Focus on creating articles that are characteristic of your blog, and provide assistance on search engine robots to find your blog content.

Ignore About Keywords Density

Often times we hear SEO myths that should pay attention to note keyword density (keywords density) in creating an article content. There are some who say that basically there are some people say good keyword density is 3% - 5% of the total words in the article, some others say keywords density should range from 1% - 3% of the total words in the article. But in fact, Google never mentioned the keywords density.

In making the article of course we need to enter keywords in the content, or add keywords relevant to the articles that we create. But we also have to use it just fine, let your content flow naturally.and sometimes also Forcing keywords in places that are not more often damage the quality of your content, and will not make your content better in search engines.

Using Relevant Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is one of the search engines always connecting a keyword with other keywords that are still associated. And by Therefore, vary the keywords in your content and By using this Variety of Variety of keywords too, your content will increasingly relevant to the topic you discussed without having to enter the same keywords many times.

Creating Quality Articles with Deep Topics

The average person prefers to talk to the point (directly to the essence), but if we create a content that explains in depth about a topic, this will certainly get better I myself do not pay too much attention to the number of words in each article that I make, but usually long and in-depth articles are usually better positioned in the Google SERP than with short and shallow articles.

and Not that every article with a lot of words will always win in the search engine SERP and This as a picture that the quality of a content is very important if you want to get a good ranking or ranking on Google. I do not think too too push yourself to make long articles with long-winded, make the article in accordance with the facts and in accordance with the knowledge you have.

Using Long Titles on Content Keywords

Using long titles is usually more profitable in the search engines than using content with a title that is too short. Creating Titles with long keywords is usually less search than a title with a short keyword content with a long title usually better positioned in the search engine than with content that has a short title. In addition, content with a long title and descriptive conversions usually better and good in the eyes of google.Gunakan Google+

The presence of Google+ will be a bigger role in SEO. In addition, by using Google+ you will get One Author Rank and connect with other Google+ users. and we all know the Author rank is one of the factors in SEO, and I think its role will be bigger for SEO in the days to come. we recommend that you use Google+ from now on, and connect your blog with your Google+ account.

Give a Good Response to Your Audience

Often this is forgotten If your Blog has a loyal audience, then you should be ready to respond and answer their comments or questions. You need to be able to provide the answers that match what they need, of course you will only answer comments or questions that fit your topic. If we look from the SEO side, the involvement of the reader in a blog is an advantage.

Using Title and Description

Using Title tags is the first thing that Google will notice when their robots 'read' your blog. and it's even better if the content title comes with a description of your content, because search engine users will see your content titles and descriptions in the Google SERP. Use descriptive titles and descriptions and invite the audience to open your website.

Providing Convenience To Your Readers To Spread Your Content
Make it easy for your readers to spread your content links on social media eating it will provide direct traffic and good SEO impact for your entire blog. And the more people who spread your content, the better. and therefore, provide social media buttons on your blog to make it easier for your readers to spread articles they like on your blog
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