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How to Root Samsung Galaxy J1 ACE (SM-J111F / SM-J111M)

In this article I will discuss about Root How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace SM-J111F / SM-J111M, most of the users in Indonesia especially Samsung for Specs and this type is very much, so it's only natural if Root Request is much to ask, before we go to Root stage let's find out what Root is and what it does:

Root Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace

  • Understanding ROOT
Root is a system account that has Full or arbitrary power to access and execute all files, command, system, for linux based operating system. The benefits of Root itself is to give full rights to the wearer so that it can enter or tamper into the Android system Because By Doing root itself you can access, modify, enhance, and remove files located on your Android system. If you ever find an app that can not be installed on your Android, usually the application requires SuperSU privileges.

    • Root Benefits
    Gaining full access rights
    Benefits of Root For Android HP and its first risks so, we will get full permissions to perform insert, update, delete or modify all the files or settings available. So we can freely or freely tamper with the operating system more freely. Because we as the owner of the phone would not want if our access rights are limited. 
    Right to move App to external memory
    Smarthone Users may often complain that the phone's internal memory is running out and sometimes there is a warning of not being able to install new applications due to memory limitations. Well, by doing rooting then we can move or allocate existing applications in the internal memory to external memory with the help of an application called Mount2SD or Link2SD.

    Feel free to know the operating system
    We can be Free and Very free to know the core systems of android OS and even indirectly we can also learn and add knowledge. Because the rooting process itself you are required to trace the ins and outs of the body to your hp frame.

    Easier in backing up data
    All important data including all applications installed in internal memory can we back-up or transfer to external memory or laptop easily. We only connect the phone to PC or laptop, then install Samsung Kies application, then the process of moving can be done completely, fast and effective. Similarly Root Benefits For HP Android and Risikonya the fifth.

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    Improve phone performance and performance
    Root Benefits In addition to having Full or full access is also actually we can also improve the performance of android phone by making arrangements that exist, so that the processor can work more optimally.

    • ROOT Risk 
    Eliminates warranty shop or factory
    Benefits of Root For HP Android and Risks: It is clear that with us doing rooting on hp android, then at that time also our phone has lost warranty guarantee even though the validity period has not been exhausted.

    Risk of error if rooting fails
    Rooting is not always running smoothly, especially if the people who do still lay. in this Root Process will take a long time so that the possibility of failure-even big enough and If there is a failure when doing root or rooting, then most likely fatal is our phone can be total death or bootloop continuously, in the list of Benefits Root For HP Android and Risikonya , this is the most scary.

    Virus attack vulnerable
    Opening or Signing in to Root also means undermining Security firewall or limiting wall that is useful to fight the virus, So if Root or rooting it done, then our phone will be more vulnerable infected virus even if we often download the application or data from the internet.

    How to Root Samsung Galaxy J1 ACE (SM-J111F / SM-J111M)

    The first step to do is to enable developer options in the following way:

    Go to Settings> Developer Options> OEM open key (tick)> Debug USB (check).
    If there is no alternative menu Developer options in settings. Go to settings,> About device,> software info> touch the version number repeatedly Until there is a developer notif option. When the developer alternative menu has appeared in the settings, then do the no. 1 earlier.

    The second step download ingredients for Root Samsung J1 ACE "SM-J111F / SM-J111M" below:

    • Plug Samsung device into PC / Laptop using data cable. (Make sure PC / Laptop is installed Driver samsung, if not please Install First.)
    • Next extract ROOTJ111F-J111M.zip file that has been downloaded earlier.
    • Then open the Root-En.exe file and run the command by typing "NO" wait for the process until ODIN exits.
    Cara Root Samsung Galaxy J1 ACE (SM-J111F/SM-J111M) Work 100%
    • the next step is to open TAB AP on odin Menu and enter Boot. tar Then Click Star to start the download process, Wait until HH turns on normally and wait Process on CMD on your PC / Laptop until command appears.
    Cara Root Samsung Galaxy J1 ACE (SM-J111F/SM-J111M) Work 100%
    • Press ENTER on your PC / Laptop pal, wait until HH turns normal again.
    • When the phone installed SuperSU applications on the Samsung Galaxy J1 ACE pal, it has been successfully doing Root,
    • Done.
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