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Top 10 Best and Most Sophisticated Android Applications List 2018

if in the previous article we discuss about 10 Best Photo Editor Applications for Android, this time I will discuss 10 List of Best and Most Sophisticated Android Applications 2018 - Here is a list of the best android apps you can download on your android phone, of course android applications are most useful in your android smartphone and also many cool and funny android apps that you can have in hp android you, so you do not lag with other friends you have to install as a mandatory android application contained on your android phone. Previously we will provide information of android itself which is an operating system based on open source which means can be owned and in fox by anyone for not violating the terms and conditions applicable. Android has a place or container to accommodate various applications created by various android app developers both paid and free download called Google Play Store.

10 Best Aplication on Android

Since the emergence of android in the era of communications technology of course as the best operating system with the best and most advanced applications of course is greatly affect the era of communication technology is growing rapidly this, there are various applications android best we will serve into the best android application category 2018 that you must download on hp android or on your tablet. To cover your curiosity let us refer to the discussion of 10 list of best and most sophisticated apps android 2018 as follows. Hopefully the presentation of information in the form of android application is the best and also the most sophisticated updated in 2018 this gives benefits to you and besides of course the application is available on the application playstore that you can download for free.

Top 10 Best and Most Sophisticated Android Applications List 2018

Therefore, as we present information about android applications android applications best 2018 and cool 2018 android apps that you can enjoy on the most advanced android operating system technology this will make you must have in hp android, what among the list of best applications android 2018 , check it out.

1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp; this aplikais provides a chat service that connects 2 contacts to send messages   online through the internet network, this app is connected with your mobile oparator number, so the chat buddy list on whatsapp will adjust to the person's cash you have.

2. Blackberry Mesenger (BBM)

Android BBM; By connecting fellow users blackberry messenger you can enjoy the ease of conversation with fellow users, to be connected with your friends must know your friend pin number and also there is confirmation confirmation of friendship to be able to start chatting.

3. Facebook

Facebook Android; After the success of desktop display, facebook launched android version for smartphone users android to improve service in social interaction among facebook users connected to the world.

4. Line

Line; This online messaging app has some content that presents to customers a beautiful and funny sticker, and also online comics that you can read through this Line application.

5. Instagram

Instagram; The need to capture special moments you have to do, by using Instagram application you can save and show your beautiful selfie photos to friends - friends for the events you have missed.

6. Wechat

Wechat; The last chat app as an online messaging app that has a gps service so you can easily add friends to your surroundings.

7. Twitter

Twitter; Simple appearance on the desktop version is for the purposes of the users who are simple, important people prefer this application as a means of appreciating the curhatannya a tweet that will appear on your timeline.

8. Camera 360

Camera 360; For friends - friends who really like the activities take pictures - photos both at home and in public places, this application is a mandatory application that you must have to improve the image quality to make it look more beautiful and also funny.

9. Viber

Viber; Who does not want to do a free phone, by using your viber application to connect with friends, relatives, or your girlfriend by calling all day without a pulse cut a bit.

10. Path

Path; The atmosphere is not conducive to make your feelings become foggy and also upset, this path application provides a place for you to pour out feelings of sadness and happiness, where your friends will respond to you.

Similarly Information about 10 list of best and most sophisticated apps android 2018 we have to convey, you can get the latest information about tips and other cool android tricks here, as a form to appreciate the writing and from our tips and tricks you can to spread widely if this article helpful

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